Saturday, 7 April 2012

Birthday Cake---Coca Cola Fudge Cake

My friend Jackie celebrated a birthday on April 5th
I decided i wanted to make her a cake

Coca Cola Fudge Cake
1 3/4 C Flour
2 C Brown Sugar
3/4 C Cocoa
2 t baking Soda
1 t baking powder
dash salt
2 eggs
1/2 C oil
1 C Cola
1 C of Buttermilk (I actually used Calci-trim Milk and it works)
1 t vanilla
Sift all dry ingredients into mixing bowl
Add wet and beat on medium to high speed till combined. If using a spring form tin, make sure you line you tin with baking paper as this is a very wet mix.
But being such a wet mix it is a moist almost mud cake texture.
Bake in large cake tin at 180*C for 45mins or until prong comes out clean.
There was no way in hell i could give her just a plain old cake like that so i thought of decorating it.
A friend on facebook posted a photo of the cake she had made for her dad's birthday and that gave me the inspiration for Jackie's cake

  1. So armed with a few packets of things i knew were Jackie's favourite things...


First of all the Ganache frosting.
1 cup of cream
1 packet(375gms) of chocolate milk melts
1 teaspoon vanilla essence (i used vanilla paste)
Slowly heat the cream in a saucepan, add the melts and stir until combined.
Refrigerate until it's thick and of spreading consistency

I knew Jackie liked caramel timtams, so on they went...

I knew Jackie liked those tiny mini flakes, so on they went...

Along with a sprinkling of broken flakes that weren't big enough for the edges

The finished cake with the addition of Jackie's favourite flavoured mini Easter eggs, crunchie, caramel, creme and top deck. I forgot she likes Turkish delight, and i left them off, buggar (sorry Jack lol)
Happy Birthday