Sunday, 27 July 2014

Milo Top/Vest

Wanted to Dye wool For ages.
Spotlight had upto 40% off wool and this lot only cost me $2.99 a ball.
 Then i had to unwind it into skeins
 Then i got my powdered dyes from Hands Ashford on Normans Road, Christchurch
And it boils for 30-40 mins and the dye soaks into the wool
 The vinegar sets the dye into the wool. You know its finished when the water is clear. And the wool dyed.

 Now to the knitting...

and I’ve wanted to knit a milo for ages.
A friend is 14 weeks preggers (finds out sex of bubs in 5 weeks time) and is due on 19th Jan. 2015.
I will dye some more wool in blue to cover both bases :)
Enjoyed knitting the milo top but i think i will use double pointed needles for the top half and then change to a cable needle for the body.
I did break my cable needle ( Knit Pro Symfonie interchangeables ) and will look into another brand.
Will defiantly make this again :)
Cost was less then $7 when you add in the cost of the powdered dye.

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