Wednesday, 6 August 2014

Lupin Scarf

On our family road trip in July we stayed in Blenheim of 3 nights. While there i found Quilters Barn. Inside i found this...

 I didn't want to knit a hat or mittens so i searched on ravelry and found this.... 
The colour is called "Lupin", which is funny cos where i grew up we have Lupins growing along side the road, so i have called this scarf Lupin.
And with it being 1 row of pattern repeated every row, i knew if i had to put it down for a period of time i could pick it up and know where i was at.
I wanted a stretchy bind off so googled and found a frilly bind off. I did a provisional cast on and when i got a few rows done i went back and bind it off.
I wanted to get it finished in time for dad's 70th on the 8th August so pushed myself to knit 30 rows every day with more if i had the time. Finished it yesterday with 2 days spare.
Very snuggly and warm.


  1. So lovely - I hope your Dad enjoys wearing it!

    1. Lol Cheryl. I didnt think to add that I would be wearing it to his party. He did say how lovely and soft it was. Mmmmmm. Lol