Tuesday, 9 December 2014

Christmas Tree Ornament Swap

Since 2011 I have been part of an ornament swap throu trademe.
2011 was the year mum died, she helped me with my first years ornaments so each year since then the swap has been something i do in memory of mum.
This year i decided i wanted to use up the felt that has been in my stash for a number of years.
 Materials needed: felt in your choice of colour. I'm keeping mine christmasy with red and green. Cotton thread to match felt. Checkered ribbon to match felt. Scissors, bells, toy stuffing, 

 Cut your felt into a rectangle shape, fold it over and blanket stitch around 2 sides and half way along the 3rd side.
 Stuff the pocket with toy stuffing so it's nice and puffy. Sew up the opening

Wrap the ribbon around the "parcel" like you would a present
  Tack a couple of stitches to attach the ribbon to the parcel
 Make sure you add a little "hanger" as well

 Make a bow with more ribbon
 Attach to parcel adding a bell as well
The idea behind the swap is that you are on a list of 10 people.
You make 10 ornaments, keeping one for yourself. On the 1st of Dec. you post the rest of your ornaments to your other list buddies and in return you receive 9 beautiful hand made ornaments for your tree.

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