Monday, 26 March 2012

Summer in a jar (or 9)

5 Apricot trees and no fruit this year.
I have a Katycot planted out the front
A tree grown from a stone, in a pot out the back (variety unknown)
And i also have a triple-grafted tree in a pot out the back too. Steven's Favourite, Trevatt, and Moorpark
A gale force wind blew all the blossoms off but Dad came to the rescue and gave me two trays of apricots from the fruit and vege shop over 4 kilos

Then i had to cut the yukky bits off, half them and stone them.

Then i weighed the fruit and added half the weight of fruit in sugar.

Once i had let it boil down to the thickness i was happy with, i then bottled it up.

Nine jars of summer in a bottle

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