Friday, 13 January 2012

Floundering @ Ellesmere

Yesterday after work John went out to Lake Ellesmere to put the flounder net in. I didn't go as i was over at Dads sorting through some of mum's stuff with dad and my sister. The last time i went out on the lake it was blowing a gale, i swore black and blue i was never going out again.
But tonight we brought the net in ( wind wasn't as bad ). I counted 24 as John was pulling the net in and as John idled back in i cleared the net and measured the fish.
The dog made my job harder cos as i was getting each fish out of the net all he wanted to do was try and bite them (one ended up slapping him in the face but that didn't stop him lol)
24 in total and only 3 were undersized
17 sand flounder

and 4 (i think) are lemon sole (don't quote me on that i had to do a google check for New Zealand flounder species and i think thats what they are.
John tells me" no more meat for the freezer" (we received some pork for Xmas from John's sister, who is a pig farmer plus John did a foreigner for a guy who gave us some lamb) and he goes and tops it up (actually it's overflowing ) with fish.
Don't get me wrong, I'm not complaining cos when you can go outside and pick home grown veges to have with home grown meat for tea. You just can't beat that.

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