Wednesday, 25 January 2012

My Card of Thanks

My mum passed away while i was on 3 weeks holiday from work. On the day  i was to return,(Monday 16Th) i rung the pay clerk explaining what happened, and to ask her for 3 days bereavement leave. Less than 3 hours later a beautiful bunch of flowers arrived from staff and management

Trish, the pay clerk said she would let my team leader in my department know so as i didn't have to have another phone conversation.On Wednesday morning the courier arrived with another beautiful bunch of flowers from the girls in my department with a card signed from them all (about 26 girls over 3 shifts)

So over the weekend i got a few things together

And made this card to put on the noticeboard to thank everyone.
I'm not much of a card maker (my sister got that side of the family craftiness)
but i am very pleased with the result and I've had a few positive comments from workmates

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