Thursday, 12 January 2012

Rhubarb Champagne

A few years ago dad gave me a couple of rhubarb plants
I've found a number of recipes to use the up the fruit (John's favourite being rhubarb and apple crumble), mine (and dad's) is rhubarb champagne.
You'll need:
2lb rhubarb
1.5 lb white sugar
2 Tbls white vinegar
2 lemons, cut into chunks
8 pints water
Cut rhubarb up fine or put in kitchen whizz.
Put all ingredients into a new,clean plastic bucket ( or other safe container) and cover for 48 hours

 Strain twice

Then bottle, cap with an airtight cap (recycled screw capped wine bottles are great)
Ready in 7-10 days
Chill well before opening
This recipe makes nearly 4 litres so make sure you have enough bottles on hand before making it

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