Friday, 13 January 2012

Our Son Turns 6 today

OK so the title may be abit misleading.. John and I don't have kids.

"Who" i am talking about thou is our fox terrier dog Mac

John's sister Jennifer breeds foxy's and Mac was born not breathing. After 10 minutes trying to revive Mac, the vet assisting Jennifer told her there was no hope for him. Jennifer refused to listen because as a pig farmer she know how to save a piglet so she wouldn't give up on him.She got his heart going and nursed him round the clock. He came home with us at aged 13 weeks (which is ironic both, our birthdays being the 13th) Jennifer sells the puppies on Trademe and when asked about the firstborn male Jennifer was honest and would tell them about Mac, no-one wanted them because they all thought he'd be brain damaged. 
But all the tricks he has learned...bringing the mail in, closing the back door, sit, beg, rollover, shake heads etc,etc.He knows that when we're out walking and we need to cross the road, when i say "wait", he'll sit and wait until i start walking again.
He loves going out fishing and rabbiting with Dad (John) and if a car leaves home he just has to go too.

John quite often has to go to the coast for work and when he packs his bag, guess where you'll find the dog lol

 He even has his own ride on lawn mower, the only problem with that is he knows that he's not allowed out the front gate so he cant mow the front lawn lol

There are just so many photo's of Mac that I would love to put up here but i just can't choose which ones and it would take me forever.

He may be small in size but he certainly is a guard dog in every sense of the word. He's very protective of Mum when I'm home alone so if we ever have the pleasure of meeting at my place there is one very hard obsticle course to get thou first.

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